Explore your inner cupid near our apartments in Dallas’ West Village.

From an entirely practical (and cynical) point of view, Valentine’s Day is a contrived “holiday” meant to bolster greeting card and candy companies, as well as giving restaurants a chance to make use of the phrase “prix fixe”. But, despite the rational evidence of why you shouldn’t be obliged to honor this day, it doesn’t matter. If you have a significant other, chances are you will have to make an effort on February 14, because unlike most days, you are expected to do something. After all, practicality plays no role in the affairs of the heart.

Looking at it from another perspective, why not celebrate for no good reason with your special someone? Take it as a day to show them that you care. Go all out or go all in; whatever your style, do something special. Luckily, when you live in an Ardan apartment, everything you need to celebrate is right in the West Village. Below, you’ll find the start of many memorable moments for your valentine.

Burst into bloom

Flower Reign

Call them up and you will be greeted with a knowledgeable florist that is sure to deliver the goods.

Avant Garden

If you want to go the extra step, this spot celebrates the art of floral design with their incredible arrangements. They will definitely make an impression.

Sweets for your sweet

Sablon Chocolate Lounge

Just steps away, this delightful dessert spot offers a selection of decadent treats to start or end the night off right.

Bisous Bisous

Step away from the traditional and peruse a wide selection of sweets that aren’t your traditional Valentine’s Day fare. Their macarons are divine, both festive and delicious.

Eat, drink, be merry

Choosing a restaurant is extremely subjective, so we will offer advice other than where to eat—you can’t really go wrong with the gustatory offerings around Ardan, anyway. If you haven’t booked a table at your favorite restaurant, or one you’ve wanted to try, stop reading now and make a reservation. Next, think about some things you’d like to talk about, especially of the kind where you tell your date some of the wonderful things you’ve wanted to say about them, but for some reason haven’t. Not just compliments, but how much you appreciate the little things and big things they bring to your life.

Perhaps you’re ready to take things to the next level. We have the perfect space if you’re thinking about a new apartment with your significant other, too. Come explore the possibilities with a Valentine’s tour of Ardan apartments in Uptown Dallas.