Ardan West Village apartment living is an investment in your future self.

It’s tempting to frame investment and indulgence as mutually exclusive options. But the sumptuous amenities you’ll experience at your Ardan West Village apartment are just the early returns on a wise investment. How you live, how you dress, and how you present yourself… they all paint a picture. What do you want your portrait to look like? Put on your best clothes, straighten your hair, and go get it.


Eliminate Stress

Imagine returning to your Ardan West Village apartment after a long day. Instead of the usual “How was your day?” your partner pauses. “You look… refreshed.” Imagine ending your day with the energy most people don’t have when they wake up. This is what life is like when you have an in-house wellness spa. Experience lasting relaxation with individual massage services or a spell in the sauna.

Cold plunge and hot tub in the Ardan West Village wellness spa.

Outsource the Small Things

Some of the biggest time sinks in our lives are the small things. A broken phone charger can ruin your day. A missed package can cost you hundreds. Incorrect directions can make you late for the most important meeting of your life. But at Ardan, you’ll have ground floor retail, 24/7 package acceptance, and complimentary concierge services. Never let a small thing turn into a big thing again.

Pamper Yourself

Looking good and feeling good create a virtuous cycle. Get your positive karma flowing at BAM Beauty Bar. They offer blowout and makeup services for every occasion. Scroll through the look book and you’ll immediately see the finesse and focused attention BAM’s clients experience. And with the Ardan Way Contest you’ll have the chance to win $200 towards your next stunning look!

Leave your Ardan West Village apartment with supreme confidence. You can take advantage of Ardan’s abundant amenities and BAM’s beauty services to look and feel your absolute best. Get in contact today and invest in yourself.