If these ideas resonate with you, you belong at Ardan’s West Village apartments.

Ardan isn’t for everyone. Our West Village apartments suit patrons with particular aesthetic preferences. Discerning palates. Refined tastes. If you are one of these individuals, you will undoubtedly see parts of yourself reflected in the words to come.  


You Get Precisely What You Want

Since you were small you’ve had strong inclinations. Plum velvet curtains are perfection. Raw cauliflower is unconscionable. There are certain things that ought to be. And certain things that ought not. Ardan offers you the choices you require. You’ve personalized your apartment to the utmost. You have a kitchen island for party prep and a mudroom for your little ones. You’ve finished the interiors in a shimmering pearl, your favorite gemstone. Every detail is just so, and that is how you like it.


You Don’t Delay

You don’t have time for machines that malfunction or coworkers who don’t pull their weight. You get right to the point, and you get things done. Your schedule is tight and your responsibilities can sometimes feel endless. It can be overly stressful, which is why you’re deeply loyal to those who make your life simpler. Now that short list includes Ardan’s 24/7 concierge attendants, on-site management, and helpful maintenance team. At a moment’s notice, you can dry clean a gown, fix a leaky faucet, and wash the dog. All without lifting a finger.


You Believe in Understatement

Between stylish entryways and stunning amenities, there’s one thing you’ll never find at Ardan: ostentation. Like us, you believe that substance is conveyed with subtlety. You cannot ascertain the quality of a fabric by look alone, you must feel the grain. You cannot know that a loaf of a French bread is perfectly baked until you crunch it beneath your gentle, testing fingers. Sequins are sewn on one by one. Perhaps, then, the wealth of Ardan’s greatest value lies beneath its strikingly beautiful façade. It lies in its knowledgeable, attentive team. In its intricate, thoughtful design. And in its residents.


Find yourself in another echelon at Ardan’s West Village apartments. Among friends and colleagues you will discover a better way of living. The Ardan way. Contact us today and begin.