It’s the thing to do at Ardan’s West Village Apartments.

You don’t cancel plans just because it’s raining. You don’t give up on your ambitions simply because it doesn’t work out the first time around. Commitment to your values means getting there, no matter what it takes. And for you, fitness is no different. That’s why you chose Ardan’s apartments in uptown Dallas. Because Ardan’s commitment to convenient, effective fitness is just as strong as yours.


On a rainy day, you can find Ardan residents in their personal fitness center, taking advantage of Technogym® cardio and weight equipment. And, on Monday nights when it gets busy, you can slip into one of three flex studios. Work on your balance and muscle control with a round of kickboxing. Explore an endless array of classes in yoga, weightlifting and functional fitness with Fitness On Demand™. Or try racing against the leaderboard times with Peloton® cycle bikes.


If you walk a few blocks into town and visit an independent studio, you’ll find yourself in good company. Group fitness offers a communal experience centered around supporting, encouraging and pushing one another to personal bests. Find your tribe at SoulCycle, Barry’s Bootcamp or Pure Barre. Looking for personal training? Builtco Transformation Fitness and LA Fitness are great options.


After stretching and straining for an hour or two, it’s important to wind down. Many fitness experts say that recovery is the key for muscle growth and flexibility. Recover splendidly with Ardan’s cold plunge and sauna. Get every last ounce of tension out of your body with a soak in the hot tub. Then, head upstairs to your luxurious apartment for a proteinaceous, post-workout treat.


At Ardan, exercise can be more than a checkmark on your to-do list. It can be truly enjoyable. With well-designed amenities and several studios just down the street, Ardan’s apartments in uptown Dallas are an oasis for fitness devotees. Get in contact today and see how Ardan can make the difference in your daily life.