Find your bliss between the holidays at Ardan’s apartments in Dallas’ West Village.

After the turkey-stuffed, nap-happy elation of Thanksgiving, it’s hard to return to a normal schedule. Knowing that the winter holidays are right around the corner can make focusing at work, keeping up with fitness, and dealing with cold weather a struggle. Instead of putting your nose to the grindstone and pushing through, take advantage of all the amenities at Ardan’s apartments in West Village to breathe new life into the In-Between.

Excel at Work

The end of the year can be a slump for some, but if you’re committed to making the time count, you can reach peak performance. Take advantage of Ardan’s five unique lounges, complete with work pods for silent focus and communal dining space for sharing your breakthrough ideas. Slide into comfortable built-in seating and set an audacious goal. What goal would give you tremendous joy to complete? Or, if you’re more inspired by crossing items off your to-do list, prioritize goals you can complete by year’s end. Then get started!

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Dress the Part

An unusually chilly winter is predicted for Dallas this winter, but you can combat the cold weather with the warmth of the season. Start by transforming your closet for cold weather, and then get started on your home. Sport your seasonal coats, fluffy scarves, and festive hats with pride. Pick colors that inspire you. Put an electric candle in the window or on the mantel to create that winter cabin glow. And don’t be afraid to get in the holiday mood early! Thinking about treasured moments to come with family and friends will put a hop in your step.



Enjoy a Respite  

The four-week stretch between the Thanksgiving holiday and winter holidays can feel near infinite, but that extra time isn’t all bad. Detox from the stress of visiting relatives at Ardan’s extensive wellness spa or drop some holiday fluff at your in-house gym. Lastly, take some time for contemplation. What have your accomplished this year, besides snagging a spot in the West Village’s most sophisticated luxury apartments? What’s a goal you have for 2019?

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The Spirit of the Season

If you’re picturing a kinder, more generous future self, this the perfect season to make a difference. Donate to local charities that address a cause close to your heart, like The Yellow Ribbon Fund, Borromeo Housing, or Charlie’s Place. Find some old toys or a winter coat to donate to your neighborhood charity drive. Or simply start searching for the perfect gift to say, “I love you,” from Ardan’s ground floor retail.

With these strategies, you can make the In-Between productive, and even luxuriate in it. Embrace what makes winter unique and dive into dressing up your apartment and yourself. Soon Ardan’s apartments in West Village will be decked out for the holidays, too. Get in contact today and come take a look.