Turn your ambition into reality at an Ardan Uptown apartment

Reality resists our boldest visions for ourselves. The nitty-gritty of everyday life can put a damper on your aspirations, if you let it. But not at Ardan. We’ve curated every detail, carved out every space and created every necessary functionality, so you can focus on what’s important to you. Your kitchen in this Uptown apartment  is more than a place for cooking and eating. It’s the center of your sophisticated life.

Always Prepared

You lock your door, tuck your keys into your clutch and walk down the hallway of your apartment building. You step onto the elevator. Not halfway down, you realize you forgot your phone. The long, frustrated drudge back to your apartment felt like a punishment for your forgetfulness. But then, you moved to Ardan. Now you know that it’s your apartment that should be working harder, not you. The kitchen of your uptown apartment has USB outlets that are visible from the front door. Power up your phone and never forget it again.


Ready for a New Recipe

Passion and ambition are the foundation of your career; why not your home life, as well? This weekend, the lure of excellence will have you opting out of a sleepy brunch and opting into a self-taught lesson in modern cooking techniques. Under-cabinet task lighting illuminates the path towards a professionally thin julienne or the perfect buttercream cake finish. Maybe next week you’ll attempt a classic French dacquoise or a delicately seared scallop, prepared on beautifully smooth quartz countertops.

Primed for a Party

At Ardan, we’ve eliminated the kitchen party problem. You know it when you see it. You’re still putting the finishing touches on the appetizers and guests take this as an invitation to crowd into the smallest public room of your home. Your well-meaning friends will offer to help while standing directly between you and the fridge, or you and the oven, or both. No more. Ardan’s spacious, open floor plans are step one in creating the right party vibe. They give guests permission to mingle a few steps away, still within sight of the chef. Step two is the well-positioned kitchen island, with enough space to work and to socialize.


Never Messy

And after the party is over? Sustainable, wood-style flooring that stretches from the stove to the balcony makes for easy cleaning. No need to worry about spills on the floor (although you might want to keep your cream-colored, cashmere Afghan far away from the red wine).

Every space in an Ardan uptown apartment is exquisitely appointed. A thread of sophisticated style runs through its rooms like a ribbon of obsidian color through crystalline marble. The stone wouldn’t be complete without this touch of moxie. And, no Ardan apartment is complete without the life you bring to it. Get in contact today and start enjoying sophisticated living, every day.