Ardan’s West Village apartment 2A has everything you desire.

You wake up slowly, to glittering morning light. The sunrise over Turtle Creek is spectacular. Stretching, you roll onto your side and smile out at the view. Nothing makes you more joyful than this spritely view of nature, first thing in the morning.

You take a few steps to your master bath. Every item in your self-care ritual has its sacred place on your double vanity. You open a cabinet, full to the top with luxuriously soft, white towels. After a refreshing shower, you wrap yourself up in one and step directly into your huge walk-in closet. All your clothes are organized by color, kind and season. They’re tucked into your built-in elfa® organizers.

Dressed in your best, you come out onto the balcony. You take a deep breath of fresh air from 15 stories up. The view over uptown Dallas inspires you. You grab your keys from the kitchen island and you’re out the door. From Ardan’s lobby, you step right out into uptown Dallas. It’s the best locale you’ve ever lived in.

Two men enjoying their conversation at a table in a coffee shop


Even this early, the city is bustling. Your city. You stroll to your favorite coffee house. A cozy couch is always free at Sip and Stir.

Or maybe today is a Starbucks day? Then again, Brewed + Pressed makes an enticing offer. So many choices. It feels as if the world is at your fingertips.


When you return to your West Village apartment at the close of the day, you retreat to your study for a relaxing read before guests start arriving. A few hours later, an intimate dinner with friends becomes the perfect end to the evening. An open bottle of wine and some crudités sit on the counter. They remind you of the day you first toured Ardan. The hospitality and openness that you felt from the staff made you sure…this is the place for you.


And it is. This can be your story. Get in contact with us today and tour high-rise apartment 2A. We’re so certain you’ll fall in love with it, that your first eight weeks are free!