Ardan has amazing two-bedroom apartments in Dallas’ West Village.

Don’t just plan for happiness in the future; create it in the present.

Sometimes we put off what we want in hopes of things just working out. Does it work? Not often. How can we improve our chances of getting what we want? Take action. Get a jump on the New Year’s resolution crowd and find the change you want right now. If you’re looking for a little more room to stretch out at home, it’s the ideal time of year to stop planning what you would do with more space and go out and get it.

Ardan West Village has a delightful array of elegant two-bedroom apartments in one of the most desirable locations in Dallas.

Each two-bedroom layout offers a plan to suit different needs, yet maintains the high standards and quality our community is known for. Each apartment offers exceptional, stylish finishes, from the chef’s inspired kitchens with large islands but can cater to your desire for an open plan or more defined dining space.

Modern, bright spaces shine when entertaining

Our floor plans feature flexible spaces and dens that you could use as an office when working from home, a music listening space or a study.

Perhaps you have a roommate and you are looking to upgrade to a home that offers equally fantastic apartment amenities to each resident, where each bedroom has its own spa-like bathroom and walk-in closet. Being in such a wonderful area to stock a closet, the large walk-ins with added organizers are a must.

The benefits of an Ardan two-bedroom apartment aren’t limited to extra space. It’s special touches and thoughtful details like mudroom areas, separate baths and showers, private balconies and amazing views of the surrounding city. It’s quite simply an elevated experience in terms of the big and little things.

Dine with a view high above Dallas whenever you wish

The residences at Ardan have been thoroughly planned for living well to give you every excuse to be happy today and tomorrow. Isn’t that what we should expect from where we live?

Schedule a tour of at Ardan today and find the two-bedroom apartment that fits your particular needs.