With the deluxe spa services coming to our West Village apartments in Dallas, you’ll feel like you’re on a permanent vacation.

Imagine sliding into the soothing, bubbling waters of your own hot tub after a long day. If the tension in your shoulders is already disappearing, it’s not your imagination. It’s the crux of why residents are choosing Ardan’s West Village apartments. Peace of mind has never been so close at hand.

A Cold Plunge to Wake You Up

They say that keeping military hours will keep you on track with your goals. If the weekend is when you love to work on yourself, or just plain workout, start the day with a cold plunge. A splash of water and a jolt of cool will spark your mind and body better than a cup of joe ever could. And waking up first thing in the morning leaves you plenty of time for the “musts”, the “shoulds”, and the “wants”. Dab off with soft, freshly laundered towels in the Relaxation Area when you’re done.

Massage Therapists at Your Beck and Call

You work hard day and night during the week, and you couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunity. But the weekend? That’s you time. Before you rush into that side project lingering in the back of your mind, or that murder mystery that’s been eyeing you from the shelf for months, take a moment to unwind. Let the stress of the weekend melt away as you move into a slower pace of life. Soon you’ll be able to reserve a session with one of our expert massage therapists, and get the treatment you know you deserve. 

Steam Clean and Fresh-Faced

We’ve got you covered from head to toe. In addition to working the kinks out of your neck and removing all the tension from your muscles, you can get a facial, too. Once you’re all done, head into the steam room to open and purify your pores, try out the dry sauna for better circulation and fewer impurities, or simply step out onto the spa terrace and crack open that novel you were thinking about.

The opportunities for indulgence and investing in yourself are endless at Ardan’s West Village apartments. Get in contact today to receive a full tour, including our luxurious spa facilities.